Nov. 6th, 2013

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Надибала купу досліджень на тему жінок у техніці.
Зберігаю собі кілька цитат з Senior technical women: a profile of success

Differing Perspectives

"i’ve never seen barriers to technical women at all” – mid-level technical man
"anybody who thinks that women are completely equal to men in the workplace is just not really paying attention." – mid-level technical woman

Senior women are more likely than men to be in management roles, regardless of whether they have a technical degree:
technical or management career choices by gender

"i’ve been on teams where i’ve been the only one with a certain viewpoint. i don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s the fact, that i just came from a different
space because they were all men. But sometimes the solutions are not completely thought out when you don’t have that diverse input." – senior technical

refusing to conform to the prevailing communication style:
“It seems to me [that to succeed] you have to be able to blow your own horn. You have to be convinced that you’re way smarter than everybody else, and everybody should listen to you, which is a certain ego trait that I don’t think is rewarded in women. … So women just tend to not only do they not develop that kind of skill, but even if they have it, they tend to suppress it, because it’s labeled “bitchy” and “pushy”…. Whereas those same personality traits in a man are somewhat admired. I just found that when it’s necessary to go head to head against other architects that might disagree with you, I didn’t want to be that way. I perceived those men as being somewhat unreasonably egotistical, and didn’t want to develop that trait any further myself, so it kind of stopped me from advancing beyond a certain level in architecture. … Because it’s really necessary. I mean you have to really believe that your ideas are better than anybody else’s and then you have to sort of kind of want to pontificate. It’s a requirement.” – mid-level technical woman.

non-assertive communication style:
“…I was constantly getting interrupted, even from people who I didn’t consider to be jerks…. And then I would suggest something and people would be talking over me, and then a guy would suggest the same thing and of course people weren’t talking over him.” – mid-level technical woman.


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